Guardian of the Groceries Book

Henry gets bored sometimes.
I mean, we all do.

Guardian Of The Groceries

Henry gets bored sometimes.
I mean, we all do.

Guardian of the Groceries Book

The most incredible adventure you’ve ever been on.

One day, when his mother takes him to the grocery store (the most boring place on earth), Henry decides to use his imagination. And what happens next is the most incredible adventure he’s ever been on.

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Meet Henry


Henry is always looking for an adventure. And, sometimes, he gets bored.
But, it's okay to be bored, his mother tells him. 

After all, it's the perfect time to use your imagination.
One day, she suggests they go on an adventure.
Thoughts of grand and dangerous expeditions rush through Henry's mind.

Climb Mount Everest?

Sky dive? 

Visit Great White Sharks in the depths of the ocean?

Surely one of these will defeat a perpetual state of boredom!

No!  "We're going to the grocery store," Henry's mother exclaims.

The grocery store? That's the most boring place on earth!

But Henry decides to use his imagination and what happens next is the most incredible adventure he's ever been on!  

Join Henry on this unexpected journey and you, too, might just be surprised by what you find!

The Creators

the illustrator

The Author | Michael Albanese

Michael Albanese is a writer, entrepreneur and coffee aficionado. After many years adventuring in New York City and Los Angeles, he relocated to Georgia to help pioneer a town for creating in Atlanta called Trilith. Michael lives, writes and dreams with his wife, actress Wynn Everett, and their two imaginative daughters.

The illustrator | Laura Kirkland

Laura Kirkland embodies creativity. As an artist who founded Laura Kirkland Designs and contributed some of the best selling ceramic designs at Glory Haus, she lives to inspire wonder in everything she does. Her creative spirit is present everywhere from gardening, painting and illustrating. Laura lives on 6 acres in Kennesaw, GA with her husband Sean and their 5 children (along with many chickens!). This is her first children’s book.

the illustrator
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Hardcover Edition!

Join Henry on this unexpected journey and you, too, might just be surprised by what you find!

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The Weight of INK

The Weight of Ink is a boutique imprint dedicated to discovering storytellers and their inspired stories – real or imagined.

From fiction and non-fiction to business, children's books, self-development and poetry, the imprint celebrates authors and the weight their stories carry.

The Inspiration

Once upon a time, I completed the last page of a journal.

I held the book in my hand for a few silent moments and thought about how every letter, journal entry, song, play, film, novel, poem or story started with ink.

And then I noticed something curious: the journal felt heavier.

It had weight to it.

Literally. Ink has weight.

How much does ink weigh? I calculated the weight between my completed journal and the exact journal empty:

.40 ounces -- 3.42% difference

This was the inspiration.

And then I began to think: how much does ink weigh metaphorically?

Intellectually? Emotionally? Artistically? Spiritually?

I think the answers to these questions are hidden in the relationships between the artist and the audience, the writer and the reader, the imagined and the realized.

Michael Albanese, Atlanta, 2020

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